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Peace be with you!

Discover Islam has partnered with MCB #VisitMyMosque 2017 to and is offering all participating Mosques a 10% discount on the all our products including...

Posters Exhibits

Our poster exhibit's are perfect for interfaith, outreach and educational purposes. Our poster exhibit has been used by mosques for Mosque Open Houses, MSAs for interfaith events, and other Muslim organizations. The posters answer the most commonly asked questions about Islam and Muslims Browse through our posters below to get more information about each poster.

Click here to view and order The Discover Islam exhibit.

Click here to view and order The Muslim Woman poster exhibit.

Readers (Rich colorful booklets with images and text)

Colorful booklet based on the Discover Islam Poster Series. Great to give away for dawah/outreach. Filled with photographs and text from the poster series in a simple, Q & A Format Beautifully designed to help people understand Islam. This is the ideal gift to give to all your non-Muslim friends and neighbors.

Click here to view and order The Discover Islam Reader.

Click here to view and order The Muslim Woman Reader.

Click here to view and order Jihad: Striving for Peace Reader.

Please use coupon code VisitMyMosque2017 during checkout. 

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