New Spanish Readers are here!

Finally, the wait is over, Spanish Readers are now available.

Welcome to Discover Islam!

Over the past 25 years, Discover Islam has been the leader in producing high-quality educational products about Islam and Muslims. The Discover Islam Poster Exhibition, the Discover Islam Readers, and the Discover Islam Documentaries have been distributed and used in various outreach programs throughout the world.

To date over 12,000 poster sets and over 6.5 million Readers in 7 languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, and German) have been distributed worldwide. Translations of our readers are currently underway including Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Swahili, and many more languages!

We are confident in our high-quality products being the best for all educational, interfaith or outreach purposes.

Want to learn more about Islam and Muslims?

Check out our 6 award- winning documentary films on various topics. They’re perfect for:
  • Interfaith Dialogue
  • High School and University Classes
  • Cultural Sensitivity Training

Simple & Effective

Our Readers are perfect for Mosques and Muslim Student Associations (MSAs). Our readers answer the most common questions about Islam and Muslims and are perfect for:
  • Mosque Open Houses
  • MSA Islam Awareness Week Events
  • Interfaith Dialogue Events
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