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Peace be with you!

Discover Islam has partnered with several church denominations nationwide to provide our 6 Award-winning documentaries free of cost (inclusive of shipping). Some of our partners include the Evangelical Lutheran Church, U.S.A (ELCA), The United Church of Christ, The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), The Episcopal Church and The Moravian Church Northern Province.

In addition the ELCA Consultative Panel on Lutheran-Muslim Relations in partnership with A Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, developed study guides for use with the series - authored by Carol Schersten LaHurd. The study guides are free to download.

Islam: Faith and History

This approximately 30 minute film deals with the basics of Islam: from the Oneness of Allah to the various Prophets, especially focusing on Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) - his life and message; the movie also touches on the spread of Islam around the world, the various advances made my Muslims and finally deals with the present situation of Muslims - very briefly dealing with women's status and terrorism as examples of how people have deviated from the true teachings of Islam.


Christians and Islam

This documentary explores Islam from the viewpoint of a Christian. Common aspects between the two faiths are discussed: belief in the same One God; same prophets and similar stories; Muslim belief in various previous revelations etc. Also dealt with are areas where the two faiths diverge: Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the Qur’an; and the belief that Jesus (peace be upon him) is a prophet and is not divine. The film is around 26 minutes long.


Islam: An American Faith

For many these two ideas: Islam and America are not compatible, many on both sides feel that there is a great divide and that America can never reconcile with Islam and Muslims cannot live in peace with America. This film aims to dispel that myth. Starting from a historical perspective highlighting the fact that Muslims were already present in the New World prior to the arrival of the first European settlers and coming to the present post 9-11 America where some are questioning their identity, whereas others are defining their American Muslim identity.


African Americans and Islam

African Americans make up over a third of the Muslims in America. This film captures their history - starting from the time of the Prophet in Makkah to their inhumane enslavement and systematic removal of religion; touching on their struggles over the centuries, the civil rights movement and Malcolm X; and on to the present times. Just over half an hour long, this film chronicles the Islamic spirit that resides within the African American community.


Islam: A Faith Hijacked

In less than 24 minutes, the tragedy of September 11th and its impact upon Islam and Muslims is discussed. Terms like Jihad; Holy War; Rules of Engagement; Just War; Stereotyping; and Terrorism are dealt with thoroughly.


Women in Islam

Women their status and rights in Islam are some of the most commonly raised issues by non-Muslims. This 24 minute film ably addresses the esteemed position, rights, responsibilities and roles that Muslim women have in an Islamic society.


Feel free to reach out to us if you require any additional information or educational resources for your church.

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